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The best lighting and decoration ideas for church wedding is one another issue that couples investigate as the wedding approaches. Ceiling and light church decorations are also very important. At that point we can say that excess light can disturb your guests. At the same time, also less light may not be expected. Therefore, the light adjustment is must be equal to atmosphere of Church wedding. That is to say using of a false light will both exhaust and disrupt the atmosphere of the church. You should choose suitable candels and lambs for this perfect day.

There are days that we attach importance to in our lives. Of course, the wedding is one of them. It is one of the most talked about issues with its decoration. Decoration is very important also in church weddings. Perhaps the wedding day they will live once in their lives, they are asked to be different and special than everyone else. Decoration is the most distinctive difference at this point. The first things that the guests will be attached are church decorations. The more exaggerated, simple and stylish decoration, the more satisfied the guests who come to the wedding. It is one of the main things that show the decoration wedding. In addition, we do not want the bride and groom to see the wrong planned decorations with bad, poor quality ornaments on their happy days. Therefore, decoration ideas are very important at the church wedding.


A Cocktail After Church Wedding

If the weather of church wedding is beautiful, a cocktail after church wedding can be made. If the cocktail is to be made, the organization should be very good. First of all, the area to be made cocktails should be decorated. White cover can be passed to the cocktail tables and flower decoration on walls or fixed places. Then, if the musician will come, it should be found in a suitable area and decorated in accordance with the wedding in its area. After the decorations, food and drinks suitable for the wedding should be preferred.

External Door Decoration of Church Wedding

Guests are welcomed with circle flowers or decorative decorations on the doors of church. External door decorations of Church wedding are very important. It is a symbol that shows that there is happiness inside. Then, guests are directed in with flowering, ornate columns placed in the inner door entrances. Also there are tables which are decorated with flowers and candles, has souvenirs and jewelry box. It is important that these are in color harmony. After entering, the bride and groom will walk to the entrance of the church. Simple and stylish flowers in the Church wedding are added to the sides of this road. Fresh flowers are very important, size and ranges. Flowers will be the first thing that hits the first eyes of the guests. Therefore, the flowers should not be fresh and pale. The size of the flowers is also very important. An ankle size flower may not be able to give the desired decoration. It can be too big in the flower that comes to the chest. Therefore, it is important to be at the waist level. Flowers, which are set out at very frequently, can also cause difficulties in sitting of guests. These are important details.

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