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Wedding On The Boat In Istanbul
Wedding On The Boat In Istanbul - wedding on the boat in istanbul
Wedding On The Boat In Istanbul - wedding on the boat in istanbul
Wedding On The Boat In Istanbul - wedding on the boat in istanbul
Wedding On The Boat In Istanbul - wedding on the boat in istanbul
Wedding On The Boat In Istanbul - wedding on the boat in istanbul
Wedding On The Boat In Istanbul - wedding on the boat in istanbul
Wedding On The Boat In Istanbul - wedding on the boat in istanbul
Wedding On The Boat In Istanbul - 0
Wedding On The Boat In Istanbul - wedding on the boat in istanbul
Wedding On The Boat In Istanbul - wedding on the boat in istanbul


Nautical Nuptials: Everything You Need To Know About Boat Weddings

For a wedding that’s nautical in every sense of the word, there’s no better venue than a boat. Here’s pretty much everything you need to consider before committing to a buoyant bash, including

Wedding on the boat in Istanbul
is one of the most popular examples of wedding ceremony, especially in the summer, wedding on the boat is highly preferred by newly married couples. With fascinating view , and amazing floodlighting of the throat, you may have a chance to live unbelivable wedding ceremony on the boat in Istanbul. When you decide to the time of your wedding ceremony, you should start to think the whole plan of your incredible wedding ceremony. Before everything the most important think is that weather conditions. Especially If you do not want to a wedding ceremony in the confined space, you should pay attention weather conditions of your time of wedding ceremony. Because you can live difficult time due to weather conditions and If you want to a wedding ceremony on the boat in Istanbul , you should prefer summer or spring months because of bad weather conditions. That is to say you are free to choose any date that you want during the summer and spring months.

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Price of Wedding Ceremony on the boat in Istanbul

AT the present time, wedding on the boat is so popular among the newly married couples. For wedding ceremony service is also so important topic, and you can have a wedding ceremony as you want when you start to connect with a professional firm for wedding service on the boat. That is to say you can feel so comfartable during the wedding ceremony because you are in with a chance to study with very professional people about food service , venue decoration, invitation, and in every topic about wedding. In addition to these they work so precisely, and that’s why you do not live any difficulties. At the same time be in harmony with the wedding is also so important topic about wedding. Everything depends on you. For exaples; you are particular about wedding venue, what kind of music will be played or floodlighting of wedding venue before the wedding, and and all of these details is again planned to organize a perfect wedding ceremony. Moreover , you should also pay attention audio system of wedding to have a good time to repletion.

Price of Wedding Ceremony on the boat in 2024

If you want to organize a wedding ceremony on the boat, you can also prefer live music. Wedding service on the boat has a lot of opportunity for newly married couples.For examples; you can want to different musical instruments like violin in the your wedding ceremony, and that day everything is for you that’s why you can a play list that you want for your wedding, and both you and your guests can have a good time to repletion. Apart from these, choice of boat is also important point in the wedding on the boat. That is you should rent a boat according to the number of your guests, and size of boat determines price of wedding ceremony on the boat.

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CON: Potential "hidden" fees.

Although boat weddings are typically budget-friendly, there are some potential fees unique to watercraft you'll want to be aware of. Ask the boat charter company about any additional charges you may incur for things like docking, fuel, service fees, taxes, and gratuities, as well as possible permitting or port expenses.

CON: Limited space.

Unless you reserve a pricey mega yacht, you'll most likely need to scale down your guest list. Boats have restrictions on how many passengers are permitted on board. You'll want to ask the boat charter for a vessel that's large enough to safely accommodate your guest count.

CON: Strict regulations.

Along with capacity limits, many boats have other constraints ranging from décor restrictions (like no open flames) to departure time! Fashionably late guests could literally miss the boat and be stuck at the pier as your wedding sails away. Build some cushion into the start time you list on your wedding invitation to ensure everyone's present for an on-time departure.

CON: You're stuck on board.

Consider your guest list before committing to a wedding on a boat. For example, doctors on call who may need to leave at a moment's notice won't exactly be able to! Unless your boat is docked, you'll be on the water for several hours. The good news is, many boat charters partner with water taxis to take people back to the dock if necessary, and there are even water ambulances in case of emergency.

Price of boat wedding on the bosphours can be cahange according to some reasons;

  • According to the place of the boat wedding ceremony

  • If you want to rent a boat in the sea, you can pay more money for them, but If you want to rent a boat in the lake, you do not have to pay more money for your wedding ceremony.

  • According to music selection, that is to say If you wan to live music for wedding ceremony, of cource you have to pay more many.

  • According to dinner and drink selection of your

  • According to the number of guests

  • The size of boat and the number of employees

Organization on the boat wedding

Organization of boat wedding ceremony is also important issue, you should make a list for your wedding ceremony, and that list fully fulfilled by the organization companies. Before everything, firstly you should make a list for guests, and later that list give to the attendant at the door. At the same time organization campany prepare suitable condition for you guests. For examples; that company adjust the seating arrangment according to the number of your guests and they make a adjust about wedding dinner. Besides, you should also make a decision whether alchol can be served.

Wedding on the boat frequently asked questions

How about a wedding on the boat?

The boat wedding is much more beautiful and organized than the places on land. Since people are together for 4 hours, the spoken program flow is fully complied with, and this is reflected in the videos in an entertaining way.

Marriage on the boat?

Yes, you can have your wedding on the boat. When you get the day from the wedding office, it is enough to state that you want to have your wedding on the boat.

Is decoration included in the price of the boat?

Standard boat and table decorations are included in our prices.

Can an outside photographer be brought to the boat?

Yes, you can. But our company also has a contracted professional photographer. It would be beneficial to have a photographer who knows the concept of boat wedding.

How many hours does the wedding on the boat last?

It takes 4 hours as standard, but this time can be increased or decreased upon your request.

What points are visited at the boat wedding?

The departure point suitable for the guests is selected. Some of these piers may be Kabataş, Kadıköy, Beylerbeyi, Beykoz, İstinye, Karaköy, Eminönü and Sarıyer. Just contact us for different piers.

How are the wedding prices on the boat?

We offer alternatives suitable for the budget of our guests who want to have a wedding on the boat. Service; content, menu quality, organization quality and interest, everything is of the same quality and the type, size and quality of the boat you choose changes our prices. Our prices start from 130 TL per person for a minimum of 100 people.

How much does it cost to get married in Istanbul?

The cost of getting married in Istanbul can vary widely based on the venue, number of guests, catering services, decoration, and other additional services. On average, a wedding in Istanbul could range from a few thousand dollars for a modest celebration to tens of thousands or more for a luxurious event.

How much is a boat in Istanbul?

If you're inquiring about renting a boat for a wedding or event, the cost can vary significantly based on the size of the boat, duration of the rental, and included services. Renting a boat for an event might start from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. Purchasing a boat, on the other hand, depends on the type, size, and condition, ranging from less than $2,000 for small, used boats to millions for luxury yachts.

How much does an Indian wedding cost in Turkey?

An Indian wedding in Turkey, known for its lavish and elaborate celebrations, can be quite expensive. The cost can range from $2,000 to $10,000 or more, depending on the scale, location, number of guests, and the number of days of celebration. Istanbul and coastal cities like Antalya are popular for destination Indian weddings.

How much does a Turkish wedding cost per person?

The cost per person for a Turkish wedding can vary widely, but on average, it might range from $10 to $30 or more, depending on the venue, catering options, and other services included. Luxury venues and elaborate menus will increase the cost.

Who pays for a Turkish wedding?

Traditionally, the bride's family pays for the wedding ceremony and reception, while the groom's family may cover the engagement party and gifts. However, modern couples often share these expenses or adjust according to their financial situations.

Can foreigners get married in Turkey?

Yes, foreigners can get married in Turkey. They need to provide certain documents (like a passport and a certificate of no impediment) and follow the legal procedures for marriage in Turkey. It's advisable to consult the local municipality or an embassy for specific requirements.

Is it expensive to get married in Turkey?

The expense of getting married in Turkey can vary greatly depending on the choices made for the celebration. While it's possible to organize a modest wedding at a reasonable cost, luxury weddings in popular venues, especially in cities like Istanbul, can be quite expensive. Costs can range significantly based on factors such as venue, number of guests, and the level of detail and services included in the event.

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